Exterior view of Duryea's corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility in Reading, PA

About Brushless DC Motor Manufacturer Duryea Technologies

Duryea Technologies develops and manufactures low-voltage  and high-voltage BLDC motors, power electronics (motor drives, controllers, power supplies) and IC engines for both our product line and for original equipment manufacturers. Duryea was founded in 1996 and has grown by offering flexible, scalable engineering and manufacturing services for companies with innovative or highly specialized applications. Learn more about engineered-to-order products.

Duryea designs and builds brushless motors, engines, and electronics in the United States.

Duryea is in the manufacturing hub of central Pennsylvania and performs assembly and quality control in our new, pristine facility, with other OEM options available. Our established, and primarily domestic, supply chain supports all other material, machining, and fabrication requirements to produce Duryea's proprietary BLDC motor components.

We also offer a pre-configured, but modifiable, line of standard products packaged with our low-voltage brushless DC motors (12V, 24V, 28V) and electronics for hydraulic, compressor, supercharger, blower and power generation applications. These are available to fleets, municipalities, and other end-users in low-volume or single quantities, depending on specifications.

Duryea's Mission

Our mission is to create practical, market-ready BLDC motor-based solutions that pay for themselves while enabling reduced fuel and energy consumption.

Climate change is here now, and the world needs affordable and immediate solutions to reduce emissions, create renewable energy, and enhance efficiency. Our strength lies in transforming existing platforms into groundbreaking, vastly improved technologies. We consistently deliver newer, lighter, and more efficient rotary engines, BLDC motors, and electronics, ready to be deployed as soon as prior market offerings enter obsolescence.

We don’t greenwash or extoll the virtues of “sustainability” for public relations benefit. Nor do we lure investors or drive a stock price with announcements of untenable, undeveloped ideas. As a privately held company for two decades, Duryea builds and ships the BLDC motors it touts and strives to improve the planet and the end-user’s experience in the near term.

The Duryea Technologies Team

Daniel J. Sodomsky, Chief Executive Officer

Dan is responsible for completing the company’s fundamental product development programs. Prior to Duryea Technologies, Dan’s experience included numerous development projects in the auto racing, aircraft, and cycling industries.

He worked with companies such as Porsche Motorsport, GE Plastics, McDonnell-Douglas, and Buick and Chevrolet Special Products.

Michael V. Sharer, Vice President of  Logistics

Mike is an experienced entrepreneur and prior to joining Duryea Technologies, he founded and eventually sold three companies. These include Wick Enterprises, a landscaping and architectural design firm, Wald Design, a custom acrylic manufacturing company, and Clearly Unique, the retail operations for the acrylic products. He handles a variety of responsibilities, such as shipping and facilities management.

Philip Cowett Senior Electrical Engineer

Phil has a BEE from Catholic University and an MSEE from Virginia Tech, as well as over 40 years’ experience in electronic design, specializing in analog and power electronics. He holds eight (8) patents. He is responsible for Duryea’s motor control designs, simulations, analysis and PCB layouts. He has been with Duryea since its inception in 1996. His previous experience includes US Army Research Lab, Bendix, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman and Saft Batteries.

Thomas H. Tessier, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Tom oversees the financial and accounting function of Duryea Technologies. He worked in the public accounting industry for 17 years as a management consultant and CPA, completing his career at KPMG Peat Marwick (now Bearing Point) as a partner. More recently, he worked at Sanchez Computer Associates (acquired by Fidelity National Corp), in several management positions. A graduate of Lehigh University with a B.S. degree in industrial engineering, he is a former officer in the U.S. Air Force and has an M.B.A. from the Wharton Graduate School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Work at Duryea

Please review our open positions for which we are hiring immediately.

Duryea is always seeking experienced  production workers to assemble its BLDC motors. Part-timers are welcome. If you have mechanical or manufacturing experience please send us your resume and we'll keep it on file to review for the next available opening.

Please send resumes to info@duryeatech.com. No phone calls or drop-ins please!

Open Positions

Wankel/Rotary Engine Builders and Technicians Wanted

Pennsylvania manufacturer is hiring technicians, builders and consulting engineers for its rotary-engine program. Flexible and/or part-time hours are available for semi-retired professionals with industry experience or those currently employed elsewhere.

Duryea manufactures engines for a variety of purposes, not just automotive performance. Experience testing and maintaining stationary engines for power generation is a plus. A key market is electricity generation from biogas for agricultural and municipal applications.