Engineered-to-Order Brushless DC Motors and Product Development Services


Duryea has engineering and manufacturing services tailored to each stage of product development, from initial concept to mass production. We've helped OEMs achieve improvements in the efficiency of their existing products, as well as start-ups with ideas for disruptive technologies. Duryea has designed and packaged its motors with electronics to meet OEM specifications for applications such as electric superchargers, vehicle air conditioning, pumps, aircraft alternators, fans and hydraulics, in addition to numerous highly specialized applications.

Typical BLDC Motor/Generator and Brushless Alternator Specifications

  • Low voltage: 12VDC - 48VDC. Available with or without electronics.
  • High voltage: Up to 480VAC/700VDC.
  • Inverter-duty.
  • 0.5 - 10kW / 0.7HP 14HP- Typical
  • 1,000 - 6,000rpm Typical. Very low speeds to tens of thousands of rpm + available.
  • Up to 96% efficiency
  • Low core losses and minimal heat dissipation.
  • Power dense, small footprint per kW/HP
  • High voltage with inverter-duty copper windings
  • Low voltage with SolidSlot architecture (no windings).
  • Sealed for harsh environments.
  • Standard pump-motors that close-couple to 4F17 or SAE 2A flange standard. Custom available.
  • Motor shafts available to accept 5/8” and 3/4” keyed shafts and 5/8” 9-tooth spline. Custom available.

Low-Voltage BLDC Motors/Generators and Brushless Alternators

Duryea is a leader in producing custom electronically commutated BLDC motors that excel when products demands variable speed, power density, energy savings, and durability. We're renown for proprietary low-voltage motors with a SolidSlot (winding-free) architecture. These have been maximizing the performance of batteries in mobile applications for more than two decades. The benefits of Duryea brushless machines include high-efficiency (up to 96%), the ability to be operated directly from a battery, or in conjunction with a DC controller, and solid-state electronics that eliminate costly and less reliable parts, such as contractors and relays.

The latest versions available boast nearly zero ohms of resistance and can open new possibilities for any 6-28VDC product in which weight and battery run-time are primary obstacles to market viability. These applications include UAVs, robotics, professional power tools and equipment, DC solar-powered equipment such as pumps and compressors, scooters, and small electric vehicles.

Have a 12 or 24VD­C application? Ask about our new off-the-shelf Zohm series motor.

High-Voltage BLDC Motors/Generators and Brushless Alternators

The use of VFDs is becoming standard at industrial and municipal facilities for machinery and equipment, and Duryea's inverter-duty, high-voltage brushless DC motors are now being recognized as superior for these stationary applications.

Our high-voltage BLDC motors are suitable for use with typical AC single or three-phase site voltages when used with a specified VFD. They offer unparalleled energy-savings for compressors, fans, blowers, and pump products.

Duryea offers machinery OEMs one of the most powerful and efficient spindle motors on the market.

Brushless DC motors are currently under utilized in high-voltage, line-powered machinery and process equipment. But, as operators focus on long term energy savings and demand better performance, BLDC motors will be more frequently packaged into the next generation of products.


Brushless DC Motor, Generator, and Alternator Manufacturing 

Duryea Technologies has produced brushless DC motors or EC motors and related engineered-to-order electronics (drives, controllers, boost/buck regulators) in hundreds of configurations. We're capable of low-to mid-volume manufacturing in-house and have flexible programs for accommodating higher volume production.

All products are designed to meet the specifications of our customers in the automotive, aerospace, machinery, robotics, and defense industries.

Finished articles are assembled, tested, and inspected at Duryea Technologies' new facility, except when OEM customers request other arrangements. Duryea handles the manufacturing logistics of most small to mid-size production orders. Other options are available to save cost and time on high-volume manufacturing, including:

Brushless DC Motor Supporting Parts and Components:

We design and fabricate custom mechanical parts and tooling for integrating our motors, engines, and electronics with your product, or with parts made by a third-party. We can produce items such as rotor hubs, shafts, front covers, spline adaptors, housings, enclosures, and assembly tools.

Component Supply:

We ship our proprietary components to your facility. This is an option for high-volume OEMs that want to assemble Duryea-designed motors in-house with their own personnel. Training is available.

Contract Manufacturing:

Your product is assembled by a mutually agreed-upon contract manufacturer. We supply proprietary parts and components.

Customer-Managed Inventory:

Use your purchasing department and a Duryea-created bill of material to source from our supply chain. Finished parts ship directly to our facility. With your designated components and materials on our shelf, your product is ready to be assembled, tested, and shipped to you or your customer when needed. Only pay assembly fees and save on material and component costs. This arrangement is available to OEMs that have reliably placed the same or similar purchase orders on a regular basis and can meet a minimum quantity threshold.

IP Licensing:

We only license IP to major OEMs with extremely high-volume production requirements. Use Duryea designs and engineering assistance, but handle your own sourcing and manufacturing needs.

Brushless DC Motor, Generator, and Alternator Product Design and Development

Companies and individuals routinely approach us with innovative ideas. However, most novel concepts never find a market or go into production. Therefore, to protect our investment, we quote any necessary engineering services at a flat or hourly rate.

Products that are markedly dissimilar from our standard items require a significant amount of effort from Duryea and its vendors to source all components and materials, as well as establish a supply chain and best practices for production. For these highly specialized products, we create a quote and proposal for product quantities as part of other paid engineering services.

After an initial no-cost consultation(s), we'll determine how we can help with any of the following:

winding-free Solid Slot stator core of a Duryea low-voltage brushless DC motor

Basic Determination of Requirements: for companies with unusual early-stage concepts that have yet to define their motor, engine, or electronics requirements and must do so before any quotes can be issued.

Specification Development: Services encompass the above, but are for OEMs that need to submit detailed requirements when writing a spec for a funding opportunity or for their customer.

Proposal and Grant Writing Assistance: We can provide language, specifications, detailed descriptions of items, action steps, costs, and materials for inclusion in grant and loan applications, or investment pitches for an unfunded concept. Duryea can also produce drawings, solid models, diagrams, and schematics when necessary.

Working Prototypes and First Articles: Duryea can produce or help produce a working prototype within our areas of expertise. For requests that are only modifications to our existing product lines, the first articles for testing are usually available within a 6-8 week timeline before placement of a full production order.

Quoting of Production Quantities: We can quote our standard products and requests for minor modifications of existing Duryea products within a week or two without engineering fees. Unusual requirements may require engineering services.

Testing and Certification: If your application requires any certifications, such as UL, we can handle this process for you as a paid add-on service.

Fee Structure and Terms:

If you have not done business with Duryea, you may be asked to fill out a credit application. Costs for engineering services are quoted in an engagement letter and are due before the commencement of work. For complex services, costs may be due in accordance with project stages.

All orders for manufactured goods require a non-refundable deposit. The balance is due when the finished product is ready to ship.