DURYEA 12 Volt Electric Supercharger

New! High performance at 12 Volts is now possible with Duryea's proprietary 9.5HP 600A BLDC motor and electronics. See Map.
At only 12V, it's ready to integrate into an existing engine management system. FAQs.
  • Powerful instant boost for smaller engines
  • Turbo lag elimination for large engines
  • No major engine changes, depending on amount of boost required
  • One unit provides up to 2 bar
  • Scalable output and modular electronics – use one or multiple units.

Powersports  | Motorcycles | Diesel |  Heavy Equipment | Commercial Trucks

Who Needs the Duryea 12V Electric Supercharger?


Truck and Fleet Service Providers

We’re looking for service providers that install and sell aftermarket parts for all classes of commercial trucks. Duryea’s 12V Electric Supercharger can offer your owner-operator or fleet customers significant savings. Cleaner, more complete combustion yields more MPG and reduces DPF regenerations, cleanings, and replacements caused by soot accumulations.


Performance Shops and Aftermarket Dealers

Do you want to offer your customers the latest supercharger technology? Duryea’s 12V Electric Supercharger can be installed in all types of vehicles, from ATVs, motorcycles, 4x4 sport utility vehicles, diesel trucks, to most types of performance street cars.  Modifications with multiple units are an option for serious racing tuners.


Original Equipment Manufacturers

We sell to all types of manufacturers that provide emissions and engine downsizing solutions.  Duryea 12V brushless DC motors and electronics are available to blower, automotive, and engine original equipment manufacturers in selected parts or as a complete supercharger package. Custom engineered solutions are available for higher voltage and specialty applications. See below.

Duryea 12V Electric Supercharger FAQs

Why is an electric supercharger better than a belt-driven supercharger?

All superchargers, both belt-driven and electric, compress air and increase the amount of air delivered to an engine. The additional oxygen enables complete fuel combustion, which in turn increases boost and decreases particulate emissions.

A belt-driven supercharger's performance depends on the speed of the engine. Therefore, it can lag until the engine reaches a sufficient speed. Although there is a net gain in horsepower, belts are a parasitic drag, siphoning off some energy from the engine to drive the supercharger.

An electric supercharger, also known as an e-supercharger, is driven by an electric motor, which is powered by stored energy. An alternator, maintains this stored energy. This highly efficient system provides boost instantaneously, well before the engine is up to speed, offering superior performance without the lag associated with turbo chargers.

Most particulate emissions emitted by an engine running at part load (idling, decelerating or accelerating) occur when there is insufficient oxygen to combust fuel completely.  An electric supercharger's output is independent of the engine. Its electronic controls increase airflow at critical times to allow for complete combustion. The result is more power and a cleaner burn from your fuel.

Do electric superchargers work?

Duryea electric superchargers work. Why? For an electric supercharger to work effectively, it must have the right motor and power electronics. Special high-current, low-resistance brushless DC motors and proprietary integrated electronics, such as those manufactured by Duryea Technologies, are necessary. 

We at Duryea believe the reason e-superchargers have a mixed reputation is because too many companies have built them with motors not suited to the application. The result is an abundance of ineffective, albeit cheap, devices on the internet.

Electric supercharging is a proven technology; it’s been long utilized in Formula 1 and racing, and is now being adopted by major automotive manufacturers that are launching mild hybrid performance vehicles. We feel high-quality electric superchargers are ready to take the aftermarket by storm because they offer so many easily achievable benefits – boosting low end torque, eliminating turbo lag, and they can even improve emissions and fuel economy, if properly tuned.

If you want to know more about why Duryea e-superchargers work, read more about our innovative 12VDC motor below.

Can an electric supercharger boost performance at only 12V?

Yes, if it has a Duryea low-voltage BLDC motor designed for this application. Conventional motors do not offer enough performance at 12VDC. However, Duryea has been perfecting the design of its brushless DC motors for low-voltage battery-operated superchargers and other vehicle accessories, including hydraulics and air conditioning, for over two decades. The result is that Duryea now offers a 12VDC motor powerful enough for a supercharger.

What's unique about the Duryea 12V Electric Supercharger's Motor?

The 12V electric motor of Duryea's electric supercharger is extremely power-dense, ultra-low resistance, and low-inductance. It offers similar performance to a motor with a higher voltage, as well as greater dynamic response.

Duryea's makes its low-voltage BLDC motors with solid bars of aluminum, not copper windings. This proprietary SolidSlot design has extremely low resistance and low thermal impedance. Therefore, a Duryea BLDC motor can carry high continuous current without overheating or requiring liquid cooling.  

How much current can the Duryea 12V Electric Supercharger handle?

Up to 600 Amps

Why is the Duryea Electric Supercharger 12 Volts?

12 volts is a universal solution for all vehicles, including ATVs, motorcycles, performance street cars, diesel pick-up trucks, commercial work trucks, and even Class 8 Heavy-Duty trucks. The Duryea 12V Electric Supercharger is scalable with modular electronics; you can install more as needed.

Duryea’s 24V Electric Supercharger has been commercially available for the last several years. However, after receiving thousands of inquiries, we realized the aftermarket needs a 12V electric supercharger because it's easier to install on an existing vehicle. Higher voltage makes sense when an automotive manufacturer can integrate it into the design of the vehicle, so Duryea offers other versions to OEMs as engineered-to-order products.

Does Duryea make electric superchargers for different engines or vehicles?

The Duryea 12V Electric Supercharger is a universal solution for all vehicles because it is scalable, has modular electronics, and can be configured with your current engine management system. One Duryea 12 volt supercharger will significantly improve low-speed torque and is adequate for many powersports and street-car uses, whereas some applications may require a pair. Please contact us with your vehicle and engine type if you’d like to learn more.

Where can I find an electric supercharger kit for my vehicle for engine?

Duryea does not sell electric supercharger kits for specific vehicles. You will need additional parts to install the Duryea Electric Supercharger. Ask your aftermarket parts dealer or performance shop about providing these items.

Other types of Duryea electric superchargers are available as engineered-to-order products for OEMs.

How do I control the electronics for the Duryea 12V Electric Supercharger?

The Duryea 12V Electric Supercharger's remote electronics can be controlled directly by a fuel injection signal or an engine management system. Interfacing is the installer's responsibility.  The effects on performance, efficiency, and emissions can all be highly positive, with the proper tuning.

What kind of power source does the Duryea 12V Electric Supercharger require?

The alternator provides average power while stored energy, from a battery or short string of supercapacitors, offers highly responsive surges of power for acceleration.

What kind of battery do I need for the Duryea 12V Electric Supercharger?

Choose a battery able to sustain high current. Batteries with lithium-iron-phosphate chemistry, in particular, offer low resistance, high power density, are lightweight, and readily available. For a lower cost, but a heavier option, a high-quality lead-acid battery will work. A 16V battery, commonly available from performance aftermarket parts distributors, can also be used for extra performance.

Your professional installer may recommend a battery, or contact Duryea and tell us about your application if you are unsure about your selection.

Does the Duryea 12V Electric Supercharger need super capacitors in addition to a 12 Volt battery?

No. A high-quality 12V or 16V battery will suffice, but you can use a supercapacitor to achieve ultra-high performance and instantaneous dynamic response. Several companies make large supercapacitors, including Eaton, Maxwell, Tecate, Illinois, and AVX. Your electric supercharger dealer or installer may recommend a specific product based on your application, or contact Duryea.

Does the Duryea 12V Electric Supercharger need a different alternator?

No, but for serious racers who must have the best, or for use in large trucks and commercial vehicles, Duryea offers brushless generators with synchronous rectification and boost regulators, that achieve maximum performance, efficiency, and durability. are available and can help you achieve top-notch performance, durability, and efficiency. Duryea generators use the same winding-free architecture as the brushless DC motor in the Duryea Electric Supercharger and can operate at high-continuous current.

How can I become a dealer for the Duryea 12V Electric Supercharger?

Please contact us if you are a performance shop, fleet maintenance service company, or aftermarket parts distributor.

Where can I find a professional installer and tuner for the Duryea 12V Electric Supercharger?

We are currently signing up dealers and installers around the world. Ask your favorite performance shop or fleet service provider to contact us if they don't sell the Duryea 12V Electric Supercharger.

Can I install the Duryea 12V Electric Supercharger myself?

Yes, but we bear no responsibility for installation and do not provide installation support services or instruction to individual consumers. The Duryea Electric Supercharger is only 12 volts, but is very powerful. Therefore, you should only install it yourself if you are familiar with the correct procedures for modifying a vehicle with an aftermarket supercharger.

Duryea 12V Electric Supercharger Map