Brushless Motors and Generator Technology

DSC_9185Duryea Technologies’ innovative products maximize motor or generator efficiency at low voltage. These brushless machines are used throughout the Duryea hybrid-electric vehicle and idle-reduction line of products.

Duryea generators are also being introduced to the the decentralized and/or distributed energy market where exceptional durability is required for 24/7 power generation.

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The New LM5 Brushless Motor and Generator

A lighter, smaller version of its innovative SolidSlot™ motor and generator,  LM5 brushless motors measure less than 5 inches in diameter and serve both higher and lower power applications, typically at higher speeds.

Low voltage versions of the LM5 incorporate an integrated electronic commutator and can deliver up to 7kW, depending on the model. Low voltage LM5 may also be used like conventional DC motors, in that it can be operated directly from a battery or in conjunction with a DC controller.

Delivering vastly greater performance over similarly sized AC and DC motors, customers can realize all of the benefits of a brushless motor with a DC motor’s ease of use. Battery-powered applications benefit from the high-efficiency and solid-state electronics that eliminate costly and less reliable parts, such as contactors and relays.

High voltage versions of the LM5 may be operated with some variable frequency drives to serve numerous industrial applications. In 2013, Duryea entered into a teaming agreement with ABB, a global leader in this area. The combination of an ABB variable frequency drive and high voltage LM5 motor provides efficiency and power density previously unavailable.

Construction of a Duryea Brushless Motor

Based in Reading, PA, Duryea Technologies utilizes a predominantly domestic and local supply chain for optimum quality control. The company maintains on-site assembly performed by highly skilled employees and uses the best materials available for components. Combined with Duryea’s innovative proprietary designs, this commitment to excellence results in the most efficient and durable motor of their respective classes.

Rotor and Triple Stack SolidSlot brushless motor

Rotor and Duryea Triple Stack brushless motor

    • The stator is made from stacked and bonded 29 gauge, M15 electrical steel laminations.
    • In SolidSlot™ motors, trapezoidal bars of aluminum are inserted into the stator core and connected with low-resistance end turns.
    • The rotor is made from precision machined steel bar.
    • High-temperature neodymium-iron-boron magnets are mounted on its circumference.
    • Magnets are retained with stainless steel bands.power-electronics
    • The rotor is precision balanced prior to assembly
    • Ceramic bearings are available throughout the Duryea product line.
    • 30mm double-row angular contact bearings are standard.
    • Integrated electronics are part of the rear motor cover and cooled with a brushless fan.





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