Electric Supercharger

Duryea Electric SuperchargerDuryea’s 24V electric supercharger is a hybrid technology comprised of a high-speed SolidSlot™ LM5 brushless motor, centrifugal blower and proprietary power electronics. It’s compatible with 12V or 24V automotive electrical architecture and conventional engine management systems. With 7kW of battery power, the Duryea Electric Supercharger supplies enough pressurized air to the engine’s intake charge to result in an additional 40kW of engine performance.

The Duryea Electric Supercharger is similar to a mechanical supercharger, except that a low voltage battery and bank of ultra-capacitors power the compressor’s motor. Able to operate independently of the engine, it offers substantially improved low-end torque, fuel economy and emissions control at lower engine speeds and during acceleration and deceleration. Key applications are mild hybrid vehicles, particulate emissions control in diesel cars and trucks, and motorsports.

  • Variable output
  • Integrates with conventional engine management system
  •  Compatible with standard 12 or 24V automotive electrical architecture
  • Full pressure and flow at low engine speed
  • Up to 2 bar
  • Up to 100% higher torque, depending on application and engine speed
  • Scalable from passenger cars to heavy-duty trucks.
  • Enables engine downsizing

A Simpler Hybrid Option for Vehicle Manufacturers

Because improved combustion substantially improves fuel economy, and can allow engine downsizing, electric supercharging has been proposed within automotive circles as a method for creating affordable hybrid vehicles. However, the concept has yet to achieve mass-market realization, primarily due to the anticipated need for high voltage. Thus far, similar technologies that utilize compression often need a dedicated battery pack, in addition to standard 12V electrical architecture.

A game changer for hybrid technology, the Duryea Electric Supercharger is powered by a 12 or 24V battery and is ready for integration with the standard automotive electrical architecture of 12V consumer or 24V commercial and military vehicles. Because it does not require a separate auxiliary battery system, less space allocation is required. In most applications, it can even be powered by a lead-acid battery of sufficient quality, opening up hybrid markets in cost-sensitive industries such as commercial trucking.

Most importantly, the Duryea Electric Supercharger only needs to apply a small portion of traction power to the engine via compressed air to achieve an output comparable to common, high-voltage hybrid configurations.

LM5 SolidSlot MotorThis efficiency from a 12 or 24V battery is made possible by Duryea’s low-voltage power electronics equipped to handle high current and the Duryea LM5 motor/generator permanent magnet brushless motor. The LM5’s low-resistance SolidSlot™ design has no windings, extremely low core losses and creates little waste heat.

The electric supercharger’s controller is a multiphase step-down regulator controlled by the fuel injection signal for compatibility with standard engine management systems. With a 12V battery, the 24V electric supercharger is packaged with the Duryea boost regulator and ultra-capacitor. Like all of Duryea motors’ power electronics, the boost regulator has industry-leading efficiency.

Electric Supercharging for Emissions Control

Electric supercharging offers a way to control emissions while enhancing performance. Acceleration and deceleration cause the engine to run rich, with too much fuel and not enough oxygen, creating inefficiency and conditions favorable to the formation of particulate emissions and NOx. By increasing the flow of oxygen to an engine, and therefore eliminating partially burnt fuel, electric supercharging enables complete combustion for a cleaner running engine with better mileage.

Independent testing has verified the Duryea Electric Supercharger can eliminate diesel particulate emissions.

Performance and Motorsports

electric-supercharger-for-off-roadThe adoption of electric supercharging by vehicle manufacturers could have enormous positive impact on greenhouse gas and particulate emissions. However, the enhanced combustion also offers greater performance. As a fully hybridized component, the Duryea Electric Supercharger creates powerful, non-parasitic engine boost. It’s the ultimate competitive edge for events that require rapid acceleration and benefit from increased low-end torque.

  • Drag Racing: Spools before the engine for instantaneous starting power and engine assist throughout run
  • Road racing and street-legal performance cars: Reduces or eliminates turbocharger lag, increases fuel efficiency
  • Hillclimbs and Off-road: Rapid recovery after sharp turns, extra boost for steep inclines and increased flow of oxygen to the engine at higher altitudes.
Please note: Duryea does not sell the electric supercharger, or any other automotive components, directly to consumers. Please contact your preferred automotive performance parts distributor and request they stock Duryea products.
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