eCycle hybrid electric motorcycleReading, PA October 12th, 2015 – eCycle, Incorporated, a manufacturer of high-performance motors, located in Reading, Pennsylvania, is now Duryea Technologies. CEO Dan Sodomsky started the company in 1996 with the objective of commercializing the world’s first electric and hybrid motorcycles. However, the proprietary power-conversion technologies developed for the “eCycle” found larger markets with other vehicle-hybridization applications and the company diverted from its original course.

“With the design of the ‘eCycle,’ we made ground-breaking inroads towards the realization of a hybrid motorcycle, and we’re glad for that distinction. However, continuing to use a name that doesn’t reflect our entire product line is confusing to customers,” said Sodomsky.

When making the decision to rebrand, Sodomsky wanted to pay tribute to his hometown of Reading and its industrial history by choosing a name with ties to the region. Because of his automotive background, he was partial to honoring Charles Duryea, the first American manufacturer of gasoline-powered automobiles, who, in the early 20th century, had a factory in downtown Reading and whose name is synomous with geographic landmarks as well as automotive racing in Pennsylvania.

With the recession lifting, orders increasing, and product development accelerating, Duryea Technologies is preparing for expansion in 2016. An innovative biogas gen set, the MODE Power System, is being introduced to the renewable energy market. 2019 is the target year for the unveiling of the next-generation “eCycle”, which will feature a hybrid power train driven by an electrically-supercharged and proprietary rotary engine.

Sodomsky believes the name “Duryea Technologies” will provide opportunities to relate the story of his city and recommend Reading’s extensive manufacturing resources to other companies.

“eCycle’s growth was enabled because of the support of our diverse Pennsylvania supply chain. I want the success of Duryea Technologies to bring more business to our suppliers and draw attention to the skilled talent Berks County can offer any company that has production requirements.”

To date, the company’s most established product line is idle-reduction technology for fleet vehicles, such as commercial trucks, police cars, and buses. These systems allow air conditioning or hydraulic accessories to run for extended periods without starting the engine, which saves fuel and reduces emissions.

OEMs and distributors that want to learn more about Duryea’s product line are encouraged to contact us.

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