Our Mission

Duryea Technologies’ mission is to maximize the energy efficiency of motor and generator-based applications.

Products include brushless alternators, compressor drives for electric air conditioning, hydraulic pump drives and other hybrid electric technology for the fleet and consumer vehicles. The Duryea Electric Supercharger and MODE Power System for distributed energy projects are recent developments.

Duryea Technologies was founded in 1996 with the objective of commercializing the world’s first hybrid and electric motorcycles. Initially intent on using an existing electric motor, nothing was available with sufficient power or efficiency, leading Duryea to design and build its own proprietary high-performance motor/generator. Realizing the broader market potential if utilized in other applications, the resulting brushless motor technology became the innovative platform for all subsequent product development.

eCycle hybrid electric motorcycleDuryea Technologies has grown by focusing on highly specialized low-volume manufacturing. Engineering for many diverse applications, from electric bicycles to aerospace, projects were configured to satisfy each customer’s unique requirements, enabling continuous research and development.

The company has evolved into a new phase with a focus on creating relationships with distributors as well licensing intellectual property to Tier 1 trucking and auto manufacturers.

Duryea Technologies has developed and served its market by adhering to the following principles:
A Commitment to Construction of the Highest Quality

Designed and built in the United States with superior materials and components, Duryea brushless motors, superchargers, alternators and generators are the most durable and efficient of their respective performance classes. Situated in the manufacturing hub of Reading, PA, Duryea Technologies is able to benefit from a local supply chain, ensuring maximum quality control and collaborative expertise during the design phase.

Design Products for Immediate Impact 

No matter what transportation technologies may exist in the future for trucking, commercial fleets, and public transit, the current effects of global warming demand solutions ready for instant deployment. Duryea’s hybridization solutions can be incorporated into new vehicles at the manufacturing level. The same idle-reduction, performance and emissions control technologies are also available for the retrofitting of pre-existing vehicle fleets.

Duryea also recognizes the importance of fuel flexibility, offering efficiency for natural gas, biogas, and hydrogen applications.

Technology Must Pay for Itself

While companies are exhorted to “go green” and often claim to do so, market adoption of energy-efficient technology only occurs when the end-users achieve a favorable return on investment.

Duryea’s established vehicle-hybridization and idle-reduction products have a track record of drastically reducing fuel use and reducing emissions when matched to the right application. Under the right conditions, ROI can be achieved within less than a year. Newer distributed and district energy systems can be part of a long-term energy management and financial strategy for corporate campuses, data centers and waste-to-energy sites.

Create Products for the Market, not Investors

The media is riddled with corporate press releases boasting of untenable clean energy and vehicle innovations still in their infancy. Realistically, few of these ideas ever become commercially viable, let alone change the world. Duryea Technologies does not attempt to lure investors or drive a stock price with hyped pronouncements. A privately held company for eighteen years, it fully develops, designs, manufactures, and ships the products it touts. Extremely discerning when vetting prospects, Duryea carefully aligns itself with partners that are as equally determined to bring the most viable solutions to market.

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