Waste-to-Energy-Workshop-2017Duryea Technologies will co-sponsor Waste-to-Energy Workshop: Improving the Feasibility of Small-Scale Digesters and CHP in conjunction with West Chester University’s Department of Political Science on December 1st, 10 am – 2 pm, 2017. Seminars will focus on the emerging market for small-scale waste-to-energy and the newly developed products and technologies that can improve return on investment for early adopters.

Dan Sodomsky, CEO, and Jill Santos, Marketing Director, at Duryea Technologies, will describe the MODE Power System, a solution for small-scale biogas electricity generation, and how the complexities of the waste-to-energy market influenced product development. A full list of speakers is at wcuwastetoenergy.eventbrite.com.

Who Should Attend?

•Farmers with Organic Waste
•Food Processors
•Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators
•Campus & Facility Managers
•Landfill Operators
•Sustainability Professionals

A networking luncheon for non-student industry professionsals will follow the seminars. There is no cost to attend, but space is limited.  For details and directions, RSVP wcuwastetoenergy.eventbrite.com.

Learn more about the MODE Power System for biogas power generation.

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